I guess that introductory note has been long overdue. If you actually managed to stumble upon this page, you might have already guessed what it’s about. Yeah, I hear you saying: “Please God, don’t let it be another movie blog!” and you know what? Your God doesn’t like you. Fuck it. It’s a movie blog. Deal with it. It’s not your average movie blog I’ll grant you that (though what do I know, I’ve actually read maybe two or three of them), but what it wants to be and how’s it’s gonna be about it I still have to figure out. Despite being its only author and all. Occasionally I’ll post up a rant or two, explaining the progress of the mission (You bet your life there’s a mission, what did you think?), and whatever else that comes to mind. If you wish to know something, feel free to ask me. Least I can do is Google it for you. Oh, one other thing. This site is not going to be advertised in any way (at least not by me), so if you feel the need to go outside, climb a hill and spread the good word please do become a prophet and go stir some trouble in Jerusalem. We’re deep underground (being on worpdress.com says as much don’t you think) and we don’t need the propheteering of any kind. That was my hipster-side speaking. It tries to avoid meds, but every now and then I do manage to force them down its throat. The sane (hah!) side says: “Do talk about us! Talk big, bullshit a lot, invent stuff and create wild rumors.” We’re not Kim Kardashian… thankfully… so you might find some of that more difficult than it should be but we can’t help it. Peace, bitches! (brothers, ninjas, niggers and all other nice people out there).


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