Fuck, yeah! It’s been two years…

…since my last post. Or so the site tells me, though I can hardly doubt him. He’s rarely wrong in such matters. Two fucking years have gone by and I haven’t the slightest idea how did they just passed over my head. I’m lying, of course. I do have some sense about it, but it’s largely irrelevant to anything that I might continue to blog about here.

Anyhow, two years is an eternity in this ‘business’. Scene has changed and so this blog must change as well. What exactly is to be done I’m still trying to define. It’ll be something, though, and we’ll see how it goes.

For starters, this will stop being a blog about movies. It will still cover my musings about ‘framed entertainment’, but it will try to shed some light on other aspects of cultural production all around the world. Gaming (old school, of course, you know that one about old dogs and new tricks), literature, TV, comics, science, food and whatnot. After so many years of consuming stuff, it’s time to give back.

I missed this kind of writing. Free form, careless, rant-a-like. Burnout stopped me for a while but batteries are charged once again, new laptop is alive and kicking and all it remains is to actually start blogging again.

See you around.






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