The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

IMG1It’s very easy to sum up The Inbetweeners Movie. It’s the American Pie all over again. Except it’s British, actors are much “uglier”, people talk too fast and its humor is, more often than not, quite cerebral. Not quite good, mind you, but boys are trying. Sometimes too hard. And that’s all that’s worth saying about this one. It’s yet another variation of a derivative story about boys’ night out. Not quite intelligent as it could have been, not quite amusing as I found them to be fifteen or so years ago, not quite unexpected and rather formal about its genre. We’ve seen it all before, and we’ve seen it behaving far better. Still, inquisitive mind can almost always find some point of interest. After all, when you’re watching something this stale, you have to do something that keeps you awake. Time is precious and you might just well try to find something that justifies wasting it.

bscap0000For example, one can try to compare The Inbetweeners Movie with one’s own experience, or a generational experience. We’ve all been in that let’s get wasted and fuck everything that moves waste of mind. For this purpose, road trips always came handy. Different town, different rules and, most importantly, no one to look over your shoulder while you’re making an ass of yourself. For characters of The Inbetweeners Movie, this promised country is far away, in one of those Greek tourist traps focused on 24 hour party people, for us it was a couple of miles around our hometown in any direction. Living in an area heavily populated by tourists of all kinds, my generation weaved their nets like only sexually frustrated spiders could. So far, The Inbetweeners Movie resembles our reality despite reflecting it from the opposite side of the mirror.

bscap0001We differ in one key point, which can be attributed to a fact that movies tend to exist in a fantastic discourse, showing idealistic projections (i.e. wants) instead of a reality. While characters in the movie go out to drink in expensive bars, drinking shots and cocktails in club-like areas where they must cost like GDP of some African country (no one drinks beer!?), we used to drink in ordinary bars or in open areas, getting wasted and prowling the night afterwards. Eventually, both sides would meet in an only place that was still open at 4 am. We used to laugh (and still do) at characters from this movie (rich kids doing kid’s stuff in areas where other rich kids hang out) so that wish-fulfillment part of The Inbetweeners Movie is kinda wasted on us. Still, it’s a bit disturbing that every similar narrative always uses the same rich-kids backdrop and accompanying mise en scène. If you show “normal” people partying then it’s a problem (alcohol being great sin and cause or every trouble that is), if you show rich kids partying then it’s an excess, a fleeting thing that will pass once they come to their senses and start using their money in more productive ways.

When all is said and done, The Inbetweeners Movie is much more American than it probably would’ve wanted to be. It’s not really a critique, it’s more of an observation that probably amuses me more than it should.

Directed by Ben Palmer
Produced by Christopher Young
Written by Damon Beesley
Iain Morris
Starring Simon Bird
James Buckley
Blake Harrison
Joe Thomas
Narrated by Simon Bird
Music by Mike Skinner
Cinematography Ben Wheeler
Edited by William Webb
Charlie Fawcett
Bwark Productions
Film4 Productions
Young Films


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