Ironclad (2011)

If you hang around certain forums, especially ones that have gaming fanboys around, you might notice that there’s a great deal of excitement when something, whatever it might be, medieval comes out into the daylight. Whether it’s a movie, or another boring sequel of once excellent The Elder Scrolls series, whether it’s a mmorpg like Mount&Blade or something completely different (I won’t even mention D&D subgroup, that’s a whole different story). Reaction is almost always the same. Borderline histrionics. I’m convinced that lot of the noise comes from this notion of glamorous medieval lifestyle that includes hand-to-hand combat, loosely clothed wenches, general manliness and pieces of armor that can break your spine if you’re not careful. Rarely anything bothers to show this period from the perspective of a simple peasant, or a forced laborer. Everybody wants to be a knight I guess. When you think about it it makes perfect sense. That these teenage (I’m using that word so that its meaning encompasses even older group) bratz, whiney internet know-it-alls, prone to incoherent raging whenever something doesn’t come out as they planned, drool upon the notion of a manly hunk in shiny steel chopping heads off. Drooling is all that remains (apart from the possibility of virtual reenactment of wet dreams like these). Sad reality is that majority of these people, if some random time paradox hurled us all backwards into the era of King John, despite all of their modern day knowledge, wouldn’t survive that long. Or at all.Ironclad.2011.720p.BRrip.x264.YIFY[22-18-40]

Ironclad from Jonathan English runs along these lines. Being a masculine fantasy not unlike the Alamo or 300. Apart from that there’s really not much going on. Pull out the gore, pull out the tidbits of a plot that remained (someone actually bothered with the plot which just goes to show how disillusioned he was about what this movie actually is), pull out the elements of every siege movie you ever saw and there’ll be almost nothing left. Apart from your usual cannon fodder that passes these days for well-developed characters, or ridiculous attempt of in-depth analysis of the protagonist, or completely insane “love plot”, or predictable structure or even more predictable lines of dialogues. Ironclad looks like a Frankenstein monster, a patchwork sewn together from countless elements of other movies that someone thought of as cool or even necessary. Still, as it is medieval times we’re talking about the crowd went wild.Ironclad.2011.720p.BRrip.x264.YIFY[22-18-46]

Still, one shouldn’t overlook the tiny bit of insight (whether intentional or not I can’t say) that lays hidden beneath these images. The whole Magna Carta nonsense, as presented here, eerily resembles recent events around Libia and Middle East (with a nod to the destruction of social state as well). You’re a rich merchant/baron that is bothered by the king who has all these rules which you must abide? There’s a remedy to that. First, make a smearing PR campaign and present your opponent as a devil incarnated. After that, strip him of his sovereignty and when he musters some mercenaries to retake the throne call upon the foreign power and their military might. During all this, bitch about the human rights so that you get some sympathy from the common folk (from those that managed to avoid their head being smashed on the rubble), and there you have it. A perfect example of history lesson thaught with relatively small budget with a help of lurking idiots in armor chopping their limbs of. The concept of critique lies far above the reach of Jonathan English or his movie.    

Directed by

Jonathan English

Produced by

Rick Benattar
Jonathan English
Andrew J. Curtis

Screenplay by

Jonathan English
Erick Kastel
Stephen McDool

Story by

Jonathan English


James Purefoy
Brian Cox
Derek Jacobi
Kate Mara
Paul Giamatti
Vladimir Kulich

Music by

Lorne Balfe


David Eggby

Editing by

Peter Amundson


VIP Medienfonds 4
Rising Star
Silver Reel
Premiere Picture
The Wales Creative IP Fund
ContentFilm International
Perpetual Media Capital
Mythic International Entertainment

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